It's a hell of a lot more dangerous to save a dragon than to slay one. Morgan is figuring that out.

All Morgan wants is to work on his carpentry, drink his beer, and mind his own damned business. For the right price, he can be persuaded to solve problems like marauding bears, or even the occasional dragon.

No one in their right mind would imagine him rescuing a dragon. But when some do-gooder elves ask him to do just that, Morgan accepts their coin. The consequences prove deadly. Morgan is stuck smuggling a traumatized elf and a dragon whelp out of the district, one step ahead of assassins.

He soon realizes the only way to save his own hide may be to save the dragon. With the aid of a sketch-artist elf, a chubby naturalist, and a graduate of Evan ap Gruffydd's School for Audacious Gentlemen, Morgan embarks on what looks unnervingly like a quest.

But Morgan and his companions are unable to escape an ever-widening web of intrigue, conspiracy, threats of civil war and really annoying politics.

Status: Complete, 100,000 words - Ready for submission to agents.


Being kin to the centuries-dead High Kings could get a man crowned or killed, neither a fate that appeals to Tam of Carnith.

Status: Complete, 163,000 words - currently in VERY heavy revisions before going into submissions.


* 'Song of the Archer' - a poem of war and unexpected valor. (Gryphonwood, 2006. Poetry no longer online.)

* 'The Home Place' & 'Cowboy Life' - two poems of the American West. (Bar-D Ranch Cowboy Poetry 2006.)

* 'Making a Hand' - a short story about youth, good horses, and making the grade. - (The American Western Magazine, March 2004, no longer online.)

* 'Winter Work' - a story of friendship and finding the difference between revenge and justice. ('Words of Wisdom' magazine, spring 1997, not available online.)

* 'Backtracks Through the High, Wide and Lonesome' - an early, self-published collection of cowboy poetry and journal entries, illustrated with line drawings by the author. ( 1996. Sold through Amazon Marketplace.)

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